Lease End Inspection

There’s going to come a time when your lease term is up and you need to return your car to your Kia dealership. A vehicle inspection is part of the process when you turn in your Kia lease. To help you avoid unexpected costs and charges, we’ve put together a list of things you’ll want to look for as part of your lease end inspection before you reach the day that you bring your vehicle back to the dealership.

Remember, charges are dependent on your model and the level of damage incurred on the vehicle, so it’s important to start with your own walk-around inspection of the vehicle to help you estimate any excess wear and use that could end up costing you at turn in. You’ll receive a kit to help with your inspection around 120 days before the end of your lease to help check for paint chips bigger than half an inch.

Some items to check on your vehicle:

  • Tire tread needs to be more than 1/8 inch. If not, replace the tire.
  • Missing or torn rubber on tires
  • Tires match size and speed rating in owner’s manual
  • Scratches, cracks, or warping on wheels
  • Original spare is on board
  • Chips, spidering, or cracks in glass
  • Bubbling or scratches in tint (if applicable)
  • Body punctures
  • Holes, cuts, or stains in the interior

If you have any questions or concerns about returning your lease, please fill out our form and contact your Nampa Kia dealership for a lease end inspection. The experts at Kendall Kia Nampa can help to find out what needs to be done before your lease turn in so you can get the most out of your lease. Also, be sure to watch our helpful video below to help you prepare for the lease end inspection.

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