What is the Kendall Price?



Get Kendall Price

You might have seen or heard about the Kendall Price from a friend or family member, or you’ve seen a button that says “Get Kendall Price” on every vehicle we have listed.


What is the Kendall Price?

Kendall Price provides you with a unique price quote that could be less than the current MSRP, final car price, or price of the vehicles you desire. Our customers save hundreds on their purchase by using the Kendall Price, but the amount will vary depending on many factors including market demand, available offers, and if the vehicle is already listed on sale.

How do you get it?

By calling in and asking for the Kendall Price

By completing the form that appears after clicking the Get Kendall Price button on a vehicle

Your Kendall Price will be provided to you by email, text, or phone.

Why is it important?

 Kendall Price



We speed up the process of getting you into the vehicle you want by streamlining the car buying process.



Our vehicle experts and finance specialists make purchasing your new vehicle easier than ever before.


Haggle free

At Kendall, we believe in a no-pressure sales experience. Our vehicle specialists will keep your budget in mind while introducing you to all of your car buying options with an affordable price.



Kendall wants every customer to rest assured that their information is safe and secure. Our web sites use a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which means your information is encrypted to protect your identity.

Ready. Set. Get your Kendall Price!